From Hardware to Software

Sometimes, I get to look back at events outside the weeds, and I get a clear idea of actually what is transpiring in our lifetimes, and perhaps as the Lord – already sees it!

The whole issue with the United States today stems from going from producing products like oi. Gas, coal, steel, machinery, automobiles, shipyards, Aerospace, and of course jobs. To produce really little in comparison to those old-style industrialized markets.

We also had Ft. Knox, which our dollar was based upon during these decades.

All this is what made America the industrialized powerhouse, not just for us, but for the entire world!

Global Banks wanting control of our money has always been a threat to our independence and power all the way back since before Abraham Lincoln became President too, yet they could not break our back in being allowed to have Global control of all the wealth.

I believe the Marxist style manipulations implemented partially by the U.N. during the 1960s using the hippie “flower power” movement combined with the ecology movement of cleaning up “our” industrial pollutants, then to “our – carbon footprints” was an ingenious plot in slowly destroying the United States economy as the juggernaut of industrial strength and power!

Then we had the electronic miniaturization of semiconductors, coupled with the microchip-computer technology boom, with people like the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates in the 70s and 80s, just about the time the U.S. Steel Mills started to decline for foreign steel.

At that point, the new aim at making money became rooted in Silicon Valley, with the United States becoming a service-based economy, instead of more of a product-based economy, like it had once been known for.

Silicone Valley-based business then forwarded the idea of “renewable energy” based upon electronically controlled systems and technologies – away from the more traditional so-called “fossil fuels” which fuel the world!

If you remember, most of the old industrialized Tycoons were Republican businesses and the Labor Unions were Democratic-represented. Yet that old construct slowly diminished over time to Global interest rather than National interests.

With these new technological advancements, the idea of a human labor force also is not needed as much as during industrialization. Coupled with these technologies is the development of wondrous medical science complete with gene splicing; and did I mention the abortion industry using human life as a simple commodity as well?

That’s right, humanity has now become a simple commodity in the lust for power and money, they don’t need private property, or the accumulation of wealth, only the controlling elitists need that, and when you can no longer produce, you are no longer needed!

How am I doing in painting this picture? Are you tracking the greed, and while many proclaim they are saving humanity for a better world, and that they care about people? Even as diseases are released probably starting as biological warfare someplace – here or in China, it doesn’t matter, as only the love of money motivates this wickedness!

Wake up from the Green Energy and man-made Global warming shtick, complete with electronic measurements, censors, and computerized microchips, upon which most engines won’t run without!

This is why Donald Trump was such a threat to so many, he started to bring back the industrialized, fuel-producing independence that America was famous for! He empowered the little guy (again) with jobs, low fuel bills, police protection, and choice of medical insurance, and focused on actual military and enemy threats, instead of Global Warming or on woke social experimentation which only helped to further erode American families, our schools, and even our children’s health and security – often with people who couldn’t care less about families despite their rhetoric.

Yes, silicone valley, the New World Order, Bill Gates, and other on-the-take politicians hate Trump and his “Make America Great Again” agenda! It’s not because of his abrasiveness or even the man’s ego, which was then a winner on The Apprentice. Rather that is just fodder in the threat to take back a global controlled economy with which many U.S. Representatives line their pockets – and that even goes beyond political party, it’s called greed and sin. Is it any wonder that big corporations control information, especially when they are rooted in Silicon Valley?!


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