By Obedience, we have joy.

Many believers today wish to have their ears tickled with feel-good and uplifting sermons of the Lord’s grace to them in prosperity. Yet there is something much more important to be understood first, and that issue is simply obedience. One must realize that it is because of Christ’s obedience to his father, that we may obtain our Salvation. The Lord Jesus stripped himself of his Kingdom authority to become a man, and he suffered and was humiliated by his own choice, and became a servant, sometimes treated as a slave, even unto death on a cross so the rest of us might have life, not just by his sacrifice but by his obedience to be sacrificed!


If we seek only joy, our spiritual possessions will not be rich; but those who are obedient will experience the abundance of salvation.
Only in obedience can we serve God. Only the obedient ones are useful to God. In suffering, the question becomes how obedient were you in that suffering?
Rebellion is the principal outworking of Satan.

The natural man does not recognize God’s authority, nor are they obedient to him.
Hebrews 5:8, KJV: Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered.

As long as our hearts are hard we have many sufferings, we must learn obedience as this is why the Lord saves us, as the aim of redemption is to further the kingdom of God.
Jesus learned his obedience through suffering. Every suffering he bore ripened into the fruit of obedience!
By the suffering of one man, (Christ) many have received grace!
Purifying your souls unto obedience to the truth, and loving one another from the heart fervently, is what the church is intended to be. Through our suffering for righteousness, is how we obtain the fruit of much joy, as it was Christ’s obedience in suffering which enables us the joy of salvation.


I’m just sharing this to get people to think seriously about rebellion against our Lord, even though we are under his grace, and to consider why a Pastor may choose to preach on sin, which is not entertaining (and which no one enjoys) is for the growth and help of the body, not just to make one feel good as they head home.

If we are to feel good about our salvation, then let it be because we also practice obedience to the Lord, with his tremendous and joyful blessings!


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