A sign of the times!

I was watching teachings on 2 Thessalonians today, and one of the strongest ideas put forth was on the mutilation of children using “transgenderism”. This was not even conceptualized a few years ago and is thought to be a glimpse of things to (shortly) come once the Holy Spirit is out of the way – via His people being removed with Christ in the clouds.

These events and others are considered as but “birth pangs”, coming ever closer together before the “Man of Sin” is revealed – coming from relative obscurity to a position of prominence on the world stage, then receiving his near mortal wound (indwelt by Satan) then demanding to be worshiped as God in the temple.

What was even more interesting to me, is that Satan has no idea when all this will occur, yet he has always had an obscure man to use and take possession of; for those final days. From Judas to Nimrod to Hitler and so on… Satan is always ready for someone to come out of the shadows and quickly rise to global power!

Do you personally know Jesus Christ as your Savior from sin?

It doesn’t have to be when “the Beast” comes to Earth, (which will be too late for repentance from sin) it could be by simply crossing the street that one’s life ends!

Our souls will live on forever, but the question is: with whom, and where will we spend eternity…?

This is what all of our lives are all about, will we serve the Lord or will we serve the fallen principalities of this world? Our free will gives us that choice, only it is “not really free” as we all are a slave to the fallen nature of sin: if it were not for the gift of God in sending his Son to die on the cross and resurrect, to deliver us from our bondage to sin, unto a new life of real freedom of choice!

On a personal note: from one who has been dead shortly, I can tell you that your consciousness goes with you, and am I glad Christ was shoulder to shoulder with me the moment my heart stopped beating! Please, dear friend, choose Christ to serve and not the God of this world, the devil and his angels who will spend eternity in the lake of fire with endless torment!

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