“Of all the knowledge that we can ever obtain, the knowledge of God, and the knowledge of ourselves, are the most important.”
 Jonathan Edwards (A Careful And Strict Enquiry Into Freedom Of The Will)

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The U.S. Chaplains Fellowship (above) only ever had four men,who including myself as deputy director,  started this organization. We had a police minister, prison minister, firefighter minister, street minister, and a military (veteran) minister.  All of these people were vested within their specific functions by the Board Of Directors. We had (no transient  or motorcycle Chaplains, and we had no women ministers). Unfortunately, we soon discovered that to use the great seal of the United States in our logo, attracted many charlatans, and false teachers, then it did people of high moral integrity or character, and we later disband the organization.

They changed my testimonial by deleting “the Good Shepherd” (Jesus Christ) who was pushing up next to me!

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Near Death Experiencer_Roland Dell  PDF file.



Seaman Dell

This local magazine photo was taken of me in front of the helm in 1995.

After serving overseas aboard two U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, I would return home seeking a new career. Like many people, I had no idea about the direction to take in my life. In frustration, I would pick up a Christian devotional reading… We are to be “Vessels of Light for Christ”. I closed the pamphlet and went to bed. The next morning the Captain aboard the Lightship Chesapeake would call me, offering me a position as a Seaman aboard the  Vessel of Light. I promptly accepted the position, studying Ministry in Baltimore City on my own time, at least, a couple nights a week.

From 1983-1989, I would work aboard the Lightship and (street ministry) Under Rev. Michael WM. Gross, DD., ThD., Ph.D. A minister and exorcist in Baltimore, City MD. Until I was hired by the U.S. Army Reserve, as a full-time Marine Machinery Technician.

The steps of the righteous are ordained of God:

I was trained in theology by a man holding a DD., THD. and Ph.D. in Psychology. He did deliverance and had the gifting of healing when called to do so. He spent 22 years in Seminary and was extraordinarily gifted in the things of God.  I, on the other hand, had nothing but my own determination and love for the truth, to watch, listen, read and learn, from what I saw, and experienced in those days. Years later, I would take the Elders and Deacons course in my local Church; yet, despite performing in an exploratory manner, and surpassing the course of instruction; I was rejected among those men. I went on with my life in Christ, even once helping a soldier with a demonic deliverance, of the premises he had just purchased. He was amazed that anyone had such training, and could be effective in such an area.

After the planting, and the building of the PCA Church, here on the Island. The Lord allowed a massive heart attack in my life, just over a year after returning from orders to, Operation Enduring Freedom with the Army Reserves, which I worked for as a technician. It was on my 20 years of service, and two days after my ordination as an independent minister. I went on to get my accreditation through a Baptist minister, for the six years I worked in street ministry. And have even received a couple Honorary Doctorates, which in all humility amounts to about nothing nowadays; in the academia-industry.

I had once experienced a “Pastoral Vision” about a year after my marriage to my wife Elaine. As, I was consistently told I had not the makings of a minister; (in a very nice way of course). When I attempted to share this experience with the leadership class, to the Pastor who had attempted to discourage me from such a direction, the Holy Spirit fell over me like a great waterfall, weakening my knees, and preventing me from hearing the “Minister’s” response.

I now understand, this is because his remarks would have helped once again, to destroy my faith; and God would not allow that!

After my near death experience in the Army, when my spirit immediately recognized Christ, pushing shoulder to shoulder next to me. And then seeing my own ambulance, move in slow motion from above, with perfect clarity, and a freedom of understanding, which I had never before experienced. Weeks later, my heart relapsed from the stent, which was placed in my heart to open the blood flow. A nurse repeated back to me, my private prayer to be effective like Paul and Silas: She said, “Mr. Dell, the enemy knows who you are, but this will not stop what God has planned for you”. That, brothers and sisters, was the word of God to me, once again on the heals of death. I later worked as the Chief of Chaplains’ Assistant, for the Maryland State Military Dept., as a SFC, but my tenure was short lived, as I resigned as a matter of conscience, from being involved in State ministry work.

I slowly learned to stop trying to find an organization to be a part of; and simply abide, listen, and move in my Lord.

I might interject at this point, that Satan once offered me a position as a Priest, through an Arch Bishop of an Orthodox Church; which my flesh was greatly tempted by, but whom I like as a person who will remain unnamed; as to not give credit to the enemy for his attempt at diverting my walk, and attacking the one who was unknowingly used, – like all of carnal man, I should add.

You have heard it said, “that you cannot put God in a box”  as God “will not be contained” by any man-made organization; as He is Spirit and Truth. And at some point, sin will corrupt an institution, by compromising it’s standards so to fit in with the world.

The Greatest Universities in America, started off as institutions of the Bible based on theology (once considered the greatest of all studies), to include West Point. Yet the power of sin crept in along with money and politics, which have destroyed even the finest Bible-based institutions, all formed with the best of intentions.

So, it is better not to start even a “God-honoring organization at all”; rather than to compromise the truth of God, who is found only by abiding in the vine, who is Jesus Christ, himself.

Rev’d Deacon Roland T. Dell, DD.

E-mail;  Chaplain@LightshipMinistries.Org  


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  1. Thank You for your Service!! GOD Bless All our Christian Patriot VETERANS!!

  2. Deborah

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful testimony. I appreciate your service. Amen!

  3. Thank you Roland, for all that you do It is such a pleasure to read the words of a true man of God in this world of deceit and confusion.
    Kindest Regards, Joanne.

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