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Published on Jul 11, 2018

The ‘Labrador Live’ thing I do on a Sunday evening will be (on YouTube) from now on. Just go to the channel page and you will see the live broadcast.

No longer exists

An actual Elder in the Lord Jesus Christ, and good friend, Brother Justin Hughes.  Tell him, I sent you please.

Brother Justin ~ Christian Life – The Narrow Way


A short testimonial about my walk with Christ; and fellowship with Justin Hughes, (Lucas Labrador) on You Tube…

I had prayed for years for someone who I might talk to, about what I considered the deeper truths of God. I hadn’t realized that nearly every “so called” Spiritual Authority (Clergymen) was actually not walking with my Lord.

Although I had spent nearly 30 years in “Ministry Work” I had only known one man, who wore a “Clergy Collar” while I worked in street ministry, who actually experienced Christ, and walked in the power of the Holy Spirit! The rest were “merely academics”, who had neither seen Him nor known Him, yet had built themselves up, to be looked upon as men of God, and by so doing have deceived many of the actual Brothers and Sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ.

To my natural understanding it seems tragic to me at times, that it took the Lord over 30 years, to “strengthen me enough in him”, prior to revealing that most who claim his name, had never actually been born again, (but could talk like it) or had taken the broad road away from Christ, for personal gain

Prior to being sanctified enough to understand this trap; I had been taught reformed theology all my life, and had never understood one could become an enemy of the cross of Christ, who had been initially regenerated, towards salvation, or (once saved always saved) for the elect of God.

Most so called sound doctrines today, dismiss what I have discovered on a personal level, and will battle one tooth and nail, that I am not telling the truth of God in Christ. If someone holds to that theology, it is fine with me; yet I will now follow my Lord, as HE HIMSELF, has shown me to do, and I cannot hold back for anyone, nor anything in this world, which competes with me “striving to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven NOW”, before I reach eternity!

In some strange way, which I do not understand fully; my Near Death Experience while in Army training, drastically produced a deeper understanding subconsciously about the workings of the Holy Spirit within me. You see, you cannot teach people into salvation, even using “Sound Doctrines” from the Bible; as Salvation is a work of God alone, by HIS Grace, in whom he chooses. Yet men try and take command and control, moving independently from God: as they will not, or cannot hear him, in spirit and in truth. So instead they do “systematic theology” and (Bible studies, and build schools) towards him; while attending temple “or world Church” institutions as it is called today. They try and establish themselves, as acceptable servants; before him. And this tactic of Satan, has destroyed many a walk by “would be” followers, and disciples of the Cross.

This is what the Apostle Paul, and John, consistently warned the early brethren about, and even before they had texts books!

Thanks for reading,

 Roland T. Dell


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