Pink And Fluffy Now, The Dangerous People.

Published on Jul 19, 2017
What are these ones going to do when Satan is revealed?


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Is Jesus Schizophrenic?

Published on Jul 19, 2017
Why do people believe that the Lord is unstable and changes on a whim?


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Rock and sand

Published on Jul 19, 2017
The most unstable

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A Tale Of Two Towers

Published on Jul 19, 2017
What is to be our reaction to disasters? The wet Christmas Tree Fairy sort of reaction of church people or something else?

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Under 50 and education.

If you are under 50, chances are that you haven’t a clue about American History, the principles of the Republic, and what made American exceptionalism the envy of all the world!

In recent years I have become dumbstruck by the lack of understanding within the culture, specifically when relating to wealth, poverty, innovations, natural law, evolution and most of all the overall understanding of legal systems based on the laws of God, as given to Mosses in the Bible.

In 1968 the Supreme Court came up with a law known as the “establishment clause” which in my estimation resembled the old Soviet Constitution much more than the U.S. Constitution. As a result, the ignorance level to most of those educated after the mid 80’s – haven’t a clue as to why Western Cultures had a superior standard of living, and why most of Europe tried to emulate the United States in the 20th Century.

It was only after re-entering active military service after 9-11-01 that I realized the younger generations than me, were completely alien within their understanding to good discipline and order, and many rather expected entitlements, rather than those privileges earn by merit.

Even within the “Christian informed world” the level of understanding about Constitution, and how the scourge of Slavery as an example was seen by the Founders and attempted to be remedied was squashed by the economic concerns of the south, have rarely been addressed within our school systems.
Rather racism and oppression by the white male (even to his women) has become the focus. I am not a denier of the sinful and lustful behaviors often exhibited throughout our history, yet there are much more complicated events within history which reflect as to why many unjust events transpired, beside the inherent bigotry of the white male, who is nowadays often a “catch all” for all the wrongs ever perpetrated upon the world!

Yet the real problem is still sin (of all peoples and sexes), and not just the systems of governments nor man orchestrated legislation or events, as it is God who allows or disallows the affairs of men albeit for HIS purposes, for HIS people alone. Contrary to the now popular viewpoints to post modernism – anti religious’ belief systems replaced by the science god of the mind being ensued in the school systems by humanists, which ironically is now an established religion!

My point being is that historical reasoning has become so convoluted, that it is nearly impossible for even the best of the intellectually honest, and well intentioned people to agree. The reason for this is that the Spirit of Truth ( Holy Spirit ) has been diminished upon the earth: (2 Thes 2: 7 – ) and even some of the disciples who HE still indwells, stumble and fall for lack of knowledge. This is only compounded due to not understanding history, largely due to modern day humanists educators with a pro Marxist viewpoint.

I am now waiting for Satan to be revealed…


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Live Grace

Published on Jun 23, 2017
Not a concept or religious position but an ongoing feed of life.

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Show Me, Lord

I have discovered that many who truly start down the “narrow way’, do not REALLY want to hear or follow Him… Eventually, He will give them over to their god…

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Plastic Fruit…

False Christian’s are like a basket full of plastic fruit. When life bites them, all that comes out is hot air.
Whereas real fruit has nutrition and substance which nourishes the soul.
Fake fruit looks right, and can sometimes even smell right, in fooling those from a distance, yet it has no substance like the real fruit, which was plucked from the living branch!
I know too many people who are but plastic fruit, they mouth the right words and appear to be real from the outside, but inside they are but hollow plastic shells!

By, Roland T. Dell

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Green Fuel Garbage

I am motivated once again to write about bloody ethanol gasoline, which forces me to clean out my carburetors on all my small engines “at least” annually.

More specifically, what I call the anti-fossil fuel networks are at work promoting junk science orchestrated in the 1960’s with the ecology movement, probably funded by “Commies” who wanted to take down America, at least a few notches! And like every other Federal Democratic Party scheme, to control those within the U.S. and now globally. One must produce scientific evidence to justify for “mother earth” an agenda that can be used to force people to act, and purchase items that benefit those in control, using such a unproven and, what I think is a false premise which insists that Global Warming is man-made!
Rather the origins of such thinking, comes from Marxist doctrines, which were designed to tear down the fabric of Western industries, specifically starting with the United States. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying in any way that we should pollute the environment, or that we shouldn’t be responsible for our waste we produce, and would like to add that I have the utmost respect for animals as well.
Yet this whole of the Global Warming idea, and Green Energy really has torn at the “developed world’s” effort to be more productive, and even less wasteful by using what the earth provides in fossil fuels. Fossil fuels particularly oil and coal enabled the industrial revolutions of the world, they were essential in the production of steel, lubricants for machinery and many of the fuels they were refined to produce.
The environmental controls which limit their harvest and the further scientific efforts to develop “clean burning” fuels, which are longer lasting with superior lubrication qualities of synthetic oils has been curved by Governmental (political) controls, and the additional benefit of producing “Coal Oils” that can be refined into synthetic fuels and gasolines, like in other regions of the world. I suspect this has to do with the “oil based dollar” in places like Saudi Arabia, so to develop such fuels here in the U.S. would be counterproductive as far as the petrol dollar is concerned.
So, rather than focusing on the resources the U.S. is rich in, politicians and world bankers feel they must “sell the masses” on alternative energies – not because they love the environment, but because they love their pocket books more! So this whole illusion for manmade global warming doctrines, had to be developed to dupe the unsuspecting and ill-informed public that fossil fuels are bad, I said baaad, in causing accelerated global warming; which cannot be allowed! Even Government grant moneys to scientist who promote such rubbish, are put on the fast track and spokespeople such as “Bill Nye the Science Guy®” are put forth to try and derail and demonize “so called” “climate deniers”
– as how dare anyone even question the motives behind this now global movement!
I was taught years ago, that the release of CFC’s into the atmosphere was supposed to produce gaping holes in 40 years in the ozone layer, and we would soon all be “crispy critters” if this practice wasn’t stopped! It didn’t happen, and it is my understanding that the [dry cleaners put in for – the “suits” in D.C.], were exempt from directly releasing CFC’s into the atmosphere for their dry cleaning businesses – that’s what I was told anyhow. This whole of the junk science behind man-made global warming, and the “anti-fossil fuel lobbies” or green energy crowd, which produces “food to burn” by growing more corn coupled with Government subsidies’, simply cannot be a good thing, starting at the grocery store and moving forward to ruining my small engine fuel systems and carburetor!
I don’t care how you cut it, the developments in chemistry and fuels within actual science since WWII, make everything I have mentioned above possible, but political manipulation and deceptions make these abundance of fuels here in the U.S., impossible, including the use of fracking which could also be done fairly safely, if the effort is made to enforce such precautions, and if the agencies involved are not busy shutting down say – lead factory’s (in the production of ammunition for example), but that’s a whole different topic.
I just want to be able to buy gas with a shelf life for more than 3 months to use in my equipment. Hmm, I have to ask myself, is there a reason why the powers that be, don’t want us to be able to store fuels that last, and produce equipment that ceases to function after a while? Well, of course there is, it is called making a dollar, and dependency on corporate interests. Or maybe I’m just paranoid and upset, by the deposits the corn alcohol additives in predominantly oil based fuels, did to my fuel system again…
Oh and down with those darn Republicans, oil and coal interests, manufacturing interests, and those old “Captains of Industry from the past”, who made their fortunes off the backs of minorities, laborers and farmers… Wait-I’m sorry, maybe that’s a bit too much!

I have to tell you that just now, I did a search on Google for ethanol free gas locally, and the pages come up 404 – site not found…
Check out this site for non promotional facts about Alcohol and Gasoline…

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Judaizers or Brethren?

I was in a slightly heated debate yesterday concerning the Bible passage about the meaning of the ten virgins found in Matthew 25: 1-13. The reason for this is NOT an academic reason concerning doctrinal understanding, rather it goes much deeper than that to the heart of people’s “eternal security “ as it brings into question at a personal level the question whether or not they actually have, or are following Christ!
The Lord showed me this, this morning as I awoke. Now then, in making such a statement “most” will immediately be offended, as this revelation was received by me, by way of the cross, which is always offensive to “enemies of the cross” and is indeed coined in Scripture as the “offence of the cross”. This is why Jesus said that you will be hated of all men for my namesake. Even those who claim to be followers of him, but have never seen him or known him spiritually, and is what the Bible is all about, in being written to actual disciples, who actually have a living relationship with the Lord God of Israel!
I have noticed that one of Satan’s counterfeit to this, always conceived and promoted in the mind and always operating in the natural, independent of the Lord, is Bible based beliefs’ about “physical Israel” as opposed to “spiritual Israel” – (the elect) whom the Bible is actually addressing, always turns into am intellectual or theological discussion by defaulting to the natural mind, instead of being led by the Holy Spirit of God in Christ. The natural mind receives not the things of God, so if I have lost you it is not because of some emotionally driven understanding that I have, but rather, you cannot receive on a spiritual level, shall I call it the “wavelength” which the Lord actually transmits on, to his actual followers.

So then, physical Israel must then become the focus of prophecy, as that can be understood to some degree within natural understanding on the world stage. I see allot of posts on Israel and the United States as an example within so called Christian blogs, video transmissions, books and so forth, yet this is all irrelevant, as it is simply leaning to natural understanding; which an actual disciple shouldn’t give a hang about, as it is all based in carnality and human pride.
I am using this passage in Matthew 25 to show that fallen carnality is most often used when attempting to teach the Bible nowadays, it is showing how men will not endure sound doctrine, but would rather have their ears tickled by what they wish to hear! In the beginning of the texts it plainly states [Matt 25: 1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.2 And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.]
The Kingdom of heaven is speaking to, the Kingdom of heaven which is inside of all those who are with the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. The Bridegroom is Jesus Christ himself, whom actual disciples know and are supposed to abide in as a faithful bride. The Harlot Church [Rev 17] in contrast are those who are unfaithful and “none of his”, who are drunk on the blood of the saints (spiritually speaking) and the martyrs of Jesus.
To teach that the one set of five virgins are for the “church age” and that the others five virgins are in “the time of Jacobs troubles” the 144,000 found in Revelation 7 (after the admittance to the wedding, then wedding feast, is ludicrous to put under the microscope in this manner), as the passage taken in contexts is speaking about being ready for the wedding feast of the lamb – and does not include those who were unprepared in having and abiding in the Holy Spirit of God, which is symbolized by the oil in representation!
To me, this is the mixing of apple and oranges in using eschatology, while attempting to tie in the ten virgins of Matthew 25, the five of which were not ready, can not to my understanding, be tied into Revelation 7. Luke 12:35-37 will take allot more prayer and research, in seeing if the texts are in proper order and translation; which I suspect the meaning has been unintentionally mis- written, or lost in translation, as it would seem to conflict with other scriptures to best of my knowledge?
And even if there were some obscure spiritual meaning in relating to the blood line tribes of Israel towards the end of the age, this would not negate that these elect are any different than any other elect individuals of God, with the exception that they are attempting to understand an event which could even be a millennium off in the future, which surely doesn’t concern them nor the ten virgin allegory as found in Matthew 25: 1-13. This is a tough one, but I am confident I will be shown, if it concerns me in the future.

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Civil unrest is planned

I am certainly no exert in low intensity conflicts, but I did witness the social changes of the 1960’s and 70’s which “low intensity conflicts” in civil rights, and the woman’s movement produced in giving leadership roles to those considered oppressed. It started at the local levels of power and progressed upwards. I had no problem with this initially, as it was done for the most part by those who merited such positions, but it didn’t stop there.

The “created conflicts” continued in an effort to overthrow any as semblance of status quo, or “the old order” I call it. These were designed to force social changes starting at the family level, upwards in targeting those holding positions of authority. Changes in governments, law enforcement, and military operations were and are still used in creating changes in cultures, and on the world stage. It is plain to see that someone within the seats of power globally are orchestrating these changes, but why?

These covert peoples are probably connected with the world banking networks, media, and who attempt to control political representatives, must be orchestrating such events from the local levels on up the chain globally in the manipulations of peoples and their assets in what I see as sinister, and even demonic.
It is my belief that events are paving the way for a “world leader to be revealed”, yet most of the populace is unaware that they are being played right into the hands of, shall I say, the Kings of the earth. And this is the reason why so much upheaval is being brought about.
Western Christendom type of cultures and peoples, are being challenged at every corner of the globe by ethnic groups, gender politics, and any other groups that seemingly can be mustered to create divisions and instability.

To put it crudely, the white (straight) male, appears to be the primary target, and often times even the white (estranged) female, seems to be being used to further create his ultimate fall, and demise from outside ethnic groups.
Let me remind you, that this must be by design, and If you dare and point out these “conflicts of interests”, you are immediately labeled as racist, and an extremist! Yet the truth be told, the white male desires no more, or less for “his people” than does any other ethnic group on the face of the earth.
Let’s also remember that it was white westerner’s technology (including textiles for clothing) agriculture, and civic standards of law and order, which allowed the world to progress from tribalism, into a more functional and advanced cultures we enjoy today. And I would like to also point out that it is none other than white western cultures and neighborhoods which are the most desirable among almost all peoples, still.

So why destroy this fabric or building block, which has overall served the world so well? Why destroy as an example, what Abraham Lincoln envisioned for the world, in using railroads to connect continents? Power, greed, control, is the short answer, and will eventually lead to a climate where Satan or who occult people call Lucifer, so can be revealed and take command and control of the earth as God; is the ultimate goal in creating such upheaval on a global level.
Historically these “dark ops” can be proven again and again as coming from within the seats of power, but the common masses are normally lazy, purposely kept ignorant, and manipulated by entertainment and mass media or what the Romans used to call bread and circuses, until they can be utilized in achieving the end game by those who control them.
To my way of thinking this is tragic, and has always been. Yet it is the Lord God who is still on his throne, and will allow, or disallow events as it suits His completed plan, for His Kingdom which is to come.

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Lord of the Bible

Basing ones belief system on the Bible, although most admirable and noble, has never replaced having the “enigma machine” so to speak, to properly interpret its meanings!

There is a divine reason for this, namely the texts are inspired by the Holy Spirit of God, for the Lord God’s actual followers. It is not written to natural man, so that they can attempt to decipher it independent of the Holy Spirit’s leading! To try to do so, is to actually insult to the Lord God of Israel, and denies a dependency upon the Lord Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross! This is why the Apostle Paul called many “Enemies of the cross” (Philippians 3:18) and is of the Spirit of Antichrist, which only moves independent of Christ!

Strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

This is why doing Bible teachings independent of the Lord, is to try and take command and control of God in our natural or carnal understanding, for texts which is only understood properly by the revelation of the Holy Spirit of truth. Inevitably, large portions of truth indeed are understood (in principles’) by men’s natural understanding, yet this does NOT make them actual followers of Jesus Christ: as the Lord’s workings in that individual’s life is required, and not just a head full of doctrines.

The western “Church Systems” since the Emperor Constantine, has operated in this natural manner of using scriptural texts in contriving a system which “they can control” called Christianity, or Christendom, which actually thrives and functions in operating independent of the Lord God. It is Satan’s greatest work since the Garden of Eden, and a natural counterfeit of the TRUTH – who is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ, and his completed work on the cross.

Of course one could argue my viewpoint as a means to justify themselves, but in actuality it make no difference as to whose name is actually found in the “book of life”, and whose is not!

And in closing, allow me to say that signing up for a “spiritual insurance policy” from the lake of fire, while using the name and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, has never guaranteed anyone so-called “eternal security” which is just another doctrinal belief system, devised by men using scriptural texts.

Nay, the perfect work of Christ in someone, is simply done by the grace which the Lord God has elected to do in separating  “ his people” from sin, and giving them a new spiritual identity in Christ by His work alone, and that “we” have a love for the truth (who is Jesus Christ) so that His continual work “in us” may be completed; less we become a cast away, who is fit only as a dead dried up branch who would not or could not abide in the vine, and is ultimately to be cast into the fire and burnt.

All of these things which I have pointed too, are speaking of one’s spiritual condition for those who have been given the “chance to become” the sons and daughters of God in Christ… But few that it will be who enter, and even a Bible based belief systems is no substitute to actually abiding and moving in Jesus Christ; the way, the life, and the truth.

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They won’t hear

I have spent over 30 years learning in the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I know and personally walk with.

It is by His Grace to me alone which has made manifest just who He is and how He works. Yet the world’s church systems and it so-called ministers who claim to move in and represent Him are normally but harlots, as ones who have actually started with Christ, are but sell outs to the worlds people and their specific institution, which they have built independent of the Lord.

The sly foxes use their educations and credentialing of the world, to put themselves in a position of so-called leadership above others, and take great joy from actually enslaving actual sheep to be a part of their earthly leading and teachings, which sometimes hold some sound doctrines from the Bible – yet they themselves will not commit to actually following Jesus Christ within their spirit, as that would cost them too much of their status in the world and for the organization which they have built and are enslaved to!

You see, an actual brethren, a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ is moved and led by the Holy Spirit of God primarily, and may make reference the scriptures from time to time, to compare their personal walk with what the Lord is actually working within them (because they have a love for Him who is the Truth). Those who become diverted to functioning in a different set of parameters than the actual Truth, have taken a different path, of a different spirit, because they that started with us were not all of us 1 John 2:19 (Antichrists).  The greatest enemy of an actual disciple is the near look-alike, the counterfeiter who uses the scripture’s to try and justify themselves (and others) before the Lord God – as actually being His and following Him. They are like the Galatians, they practice their own type of worship (ceremonies) plugged into their calendars while celebrating times and dates within a ceremonial setting, and even use the only ceremony which Christ had ordained: the breaking of bread and wine together in remembrance of Him (the Lord Jesus Christ), yet in actuality will not be partakers with Him, by walking in obedience of their own personal crucifixion in adherence to Him. Not a look-alike systematic theology, but actually an adherence to Christ. This is why Jesus said that you were either for Him of against Him, there are no half measures.

Yet most who actually have met the Lord initially, find it much easier and less costly personally to do a religion about Him, than to actually follow Him – in Spirit and in Truth as Lord and Master. This is called the broad road in scripture, and these Antichrist will condemn and persecute any true follower of Christ for daring to point this out! They are in fact drunk on the blood of the Saints, and the Martyrs of Jesus.

This is primarily what the book of Revelation is speaking about, prior to “that Wicked” the Man of sin being revealed. He is revealed by the Mother of Harlots, and Her Daughters – false brethren or Antichrists who reveal Satan prior to his short sprint of playing God, who most will accept as God! Antichrist is not Satan, an Antichrist are his representatives!

Many will argue that I must be arguing from a doctrinal position, which is opened to interpretation by the natural mind on Bible doctrines, such as postmillennial vs premillennial as that is all they can see from a perspective of being spiritually blind, yet intellectually active. But in actuality what I have explained in the book of Revelation here is the Truth of God, revealed to me by the Holy Spirit of God, whom they do not know or actually follow!

It really gets up my nose how many “claim the name of Jesus Christ, and His teachings” yet refuse to follow Him. They take to mass media lots of them, or maybe just perform on their local church stage – on what they consider to be the Lord’s day, and spew their poison to the spiritually immature brethren, the broad roaders which they are in bed with, and of course the nominal Christian who have never actually met with or ever walked in the Holy Spirit of God. These are not “Born again” in the least, because if they were they could not stomach remaining apart of such a corrupt and hostile environment to the Lord God’s actual Spirit, as it would have their guts in a knot, and make them sick to the deepest level of their being, after they have been shown the Truth by their Heavenly Father.

Also, like I said, these type brethren who are all around us, are out to both crush and destroy narrow road brethren like myself whom they cannot control, or will simply try to freeze out what truth is attempting to be put over for fear of being exposed, like the Pharisees of old. If you are good enough at exposing such heretical teachings in using (our) Bible, they will come against you on mass calling for your total destruction.

As for me, currently they just won’t hear, and could care less about a laity person (non-Priest) within their beliefs system. Yet if one could demonstrate just who they actually are in Power and in Strength, you would witness again, literal bloodshed like in the first century after the day of Pentecost.

Yet as long as you are not affecting anyone’s following, the world always pretty much ignored the Prophets, and the actual sheep, with the exception of either herding or slaughtering them.

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Being a good steward of our blessings.

I write this tonight as I am reminded of a brutal election, and many Pastors took the position that Christians should not concern themselves with the “things of the world”.

As a principled conservative, who believes in a Lord God honoring culture, I feel it is only right to cast a vote for the representative who will best represent my views.

Now of course I do realize, that the Lord God of Israel is still on His throne and will allow or disallow whomever and whatever he chooses to do, and it is my ultimate goal to indeed follow Him first in all that I do, with His leading in my life to the best of my ability.

What I do not comprehend, is if I vote for the one who most closely represents the majority of my personal convictions, how than could I be wrong? If my representative in this fight would lose an election, that would not diminish my faith in the Lord in the least. Neither would it diminish who I am.

So why are so many condemned as not being a true follower of Jesus Christ, being that they cast a conscientious vote, and some  are condemned for not voting as well? To not vote is a matter of the will, as is the decision to vote. But since I am speaking about voting as being worldly, allow me to continue with my assessment. To me it is an absurd position to be condemned for voting, even if that leader turns out to walk in wickedness at a later date. That would also have no reflection on me or the principles which I hold dear as a person.

Rather it is my feeling that it is the one who does not know who they are, or what they believe in is the issue. Many of which are being tossed around by the every wind of change, the newest viewpoint or teaching, the polls, these are the most ungrounded and unprincipled types of people to me, often projecting onto others a type of false guilt, for being involved in the marketplace of ideas.

If one is so disgusted by politics and politicians, then don’t vote, don’t hold an opinion about the world stage, or events of your time. Be a fatalist if you like, and just trust in your Lord, and simply move forward with your life. That is fine with me, but how dare this type of characters cast aspersions on other brethren, who may be involved in their community’s policies, of being less than committed to following the Lord in all good conscience. To my way of thinking, that is passing the wrong type of judgment, while projecting oneself to being beyond reproach within their personal spiritual walk.

Of course no man, no matter how well-intentioned, will ever be able to obtain flawless governance (as only God could do that). Yet the real question is what is the character of a leader, and how well can they complete a given task. Leadership is measured by results, and destructiveness and waste has never been the sign of a good leader. So if you are fortunate enough to have a say in who will be a leader, (and many do not) why then would you sit ideally bye especially when given a direction you don’t agree with?

I feel we are to be good stewards of what we have been given, extending outside of just our homes, to “down the street” and beyond in all we have been made stewards of. Speaking as a retired military man; in no small way within our Republic should we not be proactive in protecting what we have been given.

The bottom line is, if you feel led to vote, vote, if not then take a pass, but lets not confuse discernment with judgment. Jesus said to render unto Caesar what was Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s, when he was being trapped by the Pharisees. So there is no shame in us doing the same.

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Why are Churches failing?

Simple, they move independent from the Lord.

Can I get an AMEN?

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April 20, 2017 · 8:29 pm

Bible before Christ!

I had another small miracle this morning, after I did some morning work with my wife around the house. I was up about 5:30 and put some more flooring up in the attack of our little house. I laid down on the bed with my dog before breakfast, (which is rare for us) and then reached for my glasses on the night stand. I no longer attempt to question in my mind, when the Lord does something unusual for me any longer, for it is a faith destroyer – and is never made manifest to the natural understanding!

I have discovered that childlike faith, which truly works, and have found that I can actually function in, simply by yielding my will to the Lord. If I try to measure weigh and reason this moving in faith (even) when using the Bible as a type of “bench mark” it is fruitless, and immediately “kills the spiritual life within me”. I write these things as one who knows just how the Lord functions and moves amongst his actual children. Systematic theological thinking, based on man’s measurement and understanding of the scriptures, spells death. This is why the Bible tells us that the letter of the law kills, but the Spirit makes alive. Oh Yes, it will always be BIBLICAL, yet the trick of the Devil is to put the Bible before the Lord God of Israel – much like the scribes and Pharisees did!

Are you tracking me brother or sister? I have learned that for (regenerated) humanity, that the spiritual world is a very delicate thing. The Lord is consistently trying our hearts to see which way we will go… Will we fall in with Him in Spirit and in Truth, or will we default to our old natures (separate from our Lord) in walking by our own understanding?

I have discovered that, that sly fox the Devil will always create a diversion stumbling us away from actually following Jesus Christ, and replacing our walk with a near look alike! That near look alike is the “Church System” nowadays. When the original brethren were being destroyed for their faith in Rome, more and stronger Saints appeared, and the Lord would not be overcome by early persecution. So, I believe that Satan invented a look alike in using teachings (doctrines) and his religious’ authorities to mimic the early church, since Rome could not overcome these new Christians – they simply attempted to join with them.

However, the original brethren knew they were not of the same stock, (so to speak) and many died as heretic’s still being martyred for Christ’s sake. By the grace of God, I was born with (so-called) learning disabilities, and was tutored (independently of others) to become literate. I always had a high I.Q., it is just that I learned differently from others.

That was the Lord’s plan for me, I am quite sure now. As if I had continued to learn like the masses of people around me, I would be a product of the cookie cutter society in which we now live. And assembly line model of the Presbyterians, Methodists, Anglicans or the Baptist Minister, in which we are so familiar with.

You have heard me say before, that “you cannot teach someone into Jesus” – yet this is exactly what churches attempt to do – you know it, and I know it. And that is exactly why so little power of the Lord has been made manifest – because of the natural understanding of the western mind. And yes, most are simply terrified to walk while abiding in the vine, actually holding onto the head – who is Christ himself! Most would rather put a Priest of sorts, between them and the Lord, just like with Moses. Why, because it easier and more comfortable, than to actually suffer one’s own fleshly crucifixion while abiding in Christ. Rather, it is much, much, easier to join “any” organization to fellowship in, and feel accepted and not rejected like the Apostles and Jesus himself were, suffering, resentments, scorn, mockery, persecution, torture, and even death – for simply a living breathing functioning faith in Christ, Jesus!

Most will not enter into the kingdom of heaven now, nor later, because the cost is too high for the price of discipleship.  And man, do these Antichrist’s get furious, should one dare and point out this hypocrisy nowadays! Even if you could move, function and consistently manifest the power of Christ within you, the rest would seek to either follow you, or more than likely, actually kill you (like in the early church).                                                                  
Don’t think for a moment that because many are called Pastor or Minister nowadays, that it would be any different from the first century!

Christian, Disciple, really? Most will not give up their comfort or position within the world even a bit, to actually engage themselves into fervently following Christ! As that would mean rejection of the highest order, and even most who start with Christ, when they are really tested will head off down the broad road, then to be restricted by the actual rejection, pain and suffering to be expected by one who truly loves the Lord above all else!

Yes we all stumble, fall, and misunderstand lots of Bible teachings, yet the issue is wear is your heart “for Him or Against Him”? No Cross, no Crown, no crucifixion of the old nature, no newness of life!

Oh and, I finally found my glasses which have been missing for three days – staring me right in my face, before breakfast!

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The True Spirit of Antichrist


Few that it be that enter…

It is not my intent to pick on Steven Lawson, or any particular person, or church group, I am simply using this photo to speak to a much broader problem… You cannot teach people into Jesus Christ, it is His soveriegn work by grace alone!

As the TRUTH, is only accessed through the person of Jesus Christ (not just doctrines about him), only because of his atonement on the cross, must be addressed.

I feel particularly qualified to speak on such Reformed teachings, as I was raised in this aspect concerning the Bible and the faith.

My #1 point being, that if one has actually started with Jesus Christ with initial repentance, they do indeed have a personal connection with the Father. If they can’t hear Him, they either are too immature spiritually (not knowing they can hear) , or don’t really know Him; as you cannot follow someone you don’t actually know, or decided to walk in independence of.

Although many use the Bible as a base for their belief system(s) and doctrines; simply adhering to the scriptures, has never made natural man a follower of the Lord God. This is why, in particularly, Jesus had the greatest problems with the scribes and Pharisees in the days he walked the earth.

Audibly hearing the Lord God is indeed possible, “when and if” He decides to speak in such a manner. Yet under normal circumstances, brethren are simply led by the Spirit of God (His voice within them) in various ways: (which also includes time and circumstances – just like the Lord speaks to the natural, or unregenerate man).

#2. Now since Satan is the ultimate counterfeiter in all that the Lord may do, many are led astray, or deceived by a “different spirit” than the Lord God’s Holy Spirit. This is why a disciple is told to discern the “spirits” and hold to the one who is genuine (1 John 4).

To the western or natural mind “SPIRITS” are a ridiculous concept, so they are simply discarded, or “paid lip service to”, for the simple reason they are found within the scriptures. Normally what I call “Bible worship” happens because of a lack of spiritual understanding among the brethren, or they have never “Seen Him nor Known Him” (in Spirit). So, simply following the scriptures, can become a type of surrogate to Jesus Christ – which can be achieved in the natural (flesh), instead of actually “entering in” with Jesus Christ on a spiritual level. This is what the Apostle John referred to as an Antichrist, and the Apostle Paul referred to as an enemy of the cross, like in the book of Galatians. When taken in contexts, an Antichrist is not against Christ per say, but is rather a replacement to Christ which is another Gospel completely!

The other problem which emerges with actually following Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth; is emotionalism often coupled with poor doctrinal understanding, is often mistaken for spirituality by the spiritually immature, with soulish experiences (emotions) confused with “the Spirit”, or more dangerously those who are deceived by “another spirit”.  This is why most Churches cannot discern between the human Spirit, or the human Soul (they think it the same), not to mention the Holy Spirit of God.

So, it is much easier to teach Bible Doctrines from a man orchestrated school or organization, than it is to actually know, follow, and commune with the Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Lucas Labrador

Links to : Lucas Labrador

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To Blaspheme A Human

Published on Apr 7, 2017

This is why church is so strong and determined to be right, even killing all those who are the Lord’s and speak against it. This is the strength of ‘don’t judge’!

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A move of God now?

Published on Apr 7, 2017

I am hopeful that, having sorted out the church monster people from the body of Christ we will see our God move in power with us shortly. Something is moving, and you can bet that the wicked church’er sort are not going to like it as they will not be included.

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Can you say ‘execute them all’ ?

Published on Mar 31, 2017

This is the crux of the issue with all that calls itself by the name of the Lord today; they are enemies of the Cross. Lucaslabradorx

The audio version of this video in its entirety, can be found @:

Then you can listen and decide for yourself the contexts of all that was said…


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Why The Turmoil ?

*Against God, and the things of God, are the order of the day.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

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Some Modern (subversive) Words, Translated

What really grabs my attention is so-called “Christian Clergy” who promote ungodliness. I am reminded of Romans 1:32 “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

I was surfing some photos of a “Priest” unrobed, sporting illuminate tattoos, along with other abominations to their bodies, yet claiming to represent Jesus Christ.

Their belief systems were progressive, holding progressive or liberal doctrines in defiance of the laws of God. They used a (modern) vocabulary which are packed full of defiance of the truth, while holding to the most arrogant positions in their ivy tower of rhetoric.

I have noticed that many modern liberal words and labels invented by elitists in positions of power, morph the English language into the exact opposite meanings, they are supposedly the champions of.

I’ve written down just a few  of the ones I can immediately think of, and if you can think of some others,  feel free to put them in the comment section, or even e-mail me some more ideas, if you’d like.


Pro-choice = pro-abortion (murder) of the most innocent.

Marriage equality = the greatest known sexual perversity of human filth, being equivalent to God’s marriage between a man and a women.

Anti-death penalty = denying the authority of the State, to pass capital punishment for capital crime.

Homophobic = originating in Screw Magazine, psychologically is a word designed to oppress, the natural desire to be repulsed by the unnatural sexual attraction to the same (sex) gender. 

Xenophobic = a word used to create false guilt in the human psyche, for recognition of ethnic and behavioral differences of someone who is of a different background and origin.

Racist = another word used to create false guilt in the human psyche in identifying with one’s race, and finding comfort in one’s particular ethnicity group.

Feminist = a rebellion to all feminine roles and behaviors, promoting the emasculation of the western male into submission, yet, it will not protect other women from foreign, or religious persecution, all while claiming to represent liberation from men.

And finally, (although not a word) my all time favorite:

Affordable Care Act = anything but affordable, an inflated bureaucratic program designed to divert funds from 1/6th of the U.S. economy, into the central government’s control.

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Spiritual Haughtiness

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A brief history of the of the United States Government.

The founding fathers, although many were associated with the Mason’s, and admittedly have designed Masonic undertones (witchcraft) in the layout  of the capital, were visibly built using much Roman architecture to reflect the Roman republic, prior to Augustus Caesar in 27 BC.

This new Constitutional government was designed to focus on individual liberties, without the interference of an all-powerful and oppressive central government, or Monarchy’s so common in the old world for centuries.


Federalism, although misunderstood today, is actually based on the limitations of a centralized government. Federalism was designed to put limits on power, by a breakdown of powers in using checks and balances in the different offices created to protect liberties, rather than rule by sheer unadulterated power over the people. It is limited by State powers, Counties, and local Municipalities’. Anti-federalist, (used to traditional European rule) debated the Federalist’s years prior to legal bills being voted upon, and then finally ratified by congress into the U.S. Constitution.

The objective of this new system of governance by the founders was to take advantage “by design” the wickedness of men, by instituting checks and balances’ of powers. This was to become the grand American experiment never attempted before, which eventually changed the world forever, in the course of human endeavor and productivity, whose people enjoyed an unparalleled freedom.

In the beginning, the “new” United States of America, would not allow foreign governments and banks to manipulate their currency, as it was considered a direct part of the people’s labor and considered subservient only to the people, like their newly formed government was designed to be.

America was not immune by attacks and being manipulated by foreign powers. During the American Civil War, world banks and secret societies including the Jesuits in Rome, attempted to undermine and destroy the union, and Protestantism, as to possess and reap the benefits of a very fertile land and its people.

Abraham Lincoln understood that divide and conquer techniques were being applied from all those who would benefit from the nation’s demise. Slavery was always understood to be one of the greatest devises used in opposition to “a more perfect union” as Lincoln put it, since the inception of this new Constitutional form of Government. The Emancipation Proclamation was proclaimed by executive order by President Abraham Lincoln on January 1, 1863 to the rebellious states for military reasons, and because he believed abolition of slavery was the only sound and just solution within the Constitution.

Nowadays, what I consider to be a lot of half-baked, and half-truth conspiracy theories exist today upon the internet. Some are purposely put forth for political reasons, and others are a conglomerate of different historical facts and figures which tend to produce self-fulfilling prophesies and ideals, while still others are done in ignorance, and an out of contexts understanding.

Relativism as taught in many a progressive school, has also produced a blurred understanding of events and powers associated with the “American Experiment”, which in my view, has been more successful than any other form of Government ever produced by humanity in the history of the world.

This is not to say that a believer in Jesus Christ, in any way shape or form should worship such man orchestrated institutions, yet perspective does demand that they be placed in balance within the fallen world.

Jesus said that his kingdom was not of this world, and it certainly is not, so we must focus on him alone within our daily lives and not be distracted by earthly events. Yet if we are to examine earthly institutions, it is only appropriate to do so with a balanced perspective while understanding truth from twisted truths, (otherwise known as lies).

May the Lord God of Israel bless you with the light in which to understand all things within perspective.

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