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Time for a rant!

Time for a rant, the Marxist Progressive Democratic Party in this country nowadays; steal all the symbolism, language, historical and factual information about this Republic, and tailor it to themselves in baldfaced leis to an ignorant and public schooled brainwashed public!

This is what Marxists do, they subvert all truthful information, or known political ideology, then go and paint themselves in it.

Take even the color coding of a political map, for example, everyone identifies Red as being pro-communist and socialist. So what do the Democrats and the liberal media do – they make the Democratic Party Blue, instead of Red (which is who they are) and saddle the Republicans as the Reds instead! This is a pure subversion of the truth at every level in history. They know that people are influenced by what they see and hear (especially in repetition) so they bombard the airways with lie after lei accusing the innocent of being the subversives!

The whole thing is staged by their think tanks to use the non-critical thinking masses towards their own ends, to gain power and control, not only of our lives, personal liberty, and independence but our thought life as well! This is just like Satan’s work 24-7 on a daily basis!

In the 80’s I worked in street ministry reaching out to those in need within the City, but right alongside us was often the Communist Party. It was as if we were both trying to win souls to our own ideology. Unfortunately, most of the time the Communist Party was much more committed to their goals, and now this nation has walked away from God, for the leis and wilds of the Devil instead!

Don’t believe in the Devil? Or maybe not even God? So then, why are there so many organizations that push for freedom against God and Religion? It is because of the influence of Marxism / Darwinism in our public schools starting soon after WW2.

I can tell you that once having served under a man who did exorcisms in Baltimore City, that the Lord God and the enemy are very real, and it’s what you “can’t see” which causes the most damage to the human soul!



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Army Ranger retires because of Obama. Tells everything about Americas Future.

Educational camp grounds for kids, in the name of Cultural Diversity!
Federal level political parties work hand and hand.
Foreign assassins and Special Ops troops already being imported!

Do yourself a favor, and watch this video
Psalm 83 explained.

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May 6, 2014 · 3:14 am

Blood Moon’s Near Jerusalem 2014-2015

Blood Moons 001^^To Enlarge click on above list^^
* For more Astronomical/Prophetic information;
I recommend: http://redmoonrapture.com/ website.*



Passover                                 April 15, 2014

Feast of Tabernacles              October 8, 2014

Passover                                 April 4, 2015

Feast of Tabernacles              September 28, 2015

 The two Solar eclipses connected with God’s Holy Days in 2014-2015 occur:

Adar 29/Nisan 1(new year)            March 20, 2015

Feast of Trumpets                  September 13, 2015


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Forsaking the world


Livestream LabBlack





Labrador Live, Forsaking the world

^ 14, July 2013 on live stream ^

Like in the days of Noah, so shall it be before the return of the son of man…

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July 26, 2013 · 12:08 pm