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Discerning of Spirits

Proper understanding of the Holy Spirit’s attributes; is the critical part of being able to “discern the spirits” accurately. Without understanding the Holy Spirits attributes correctly – as given to us within scriptures, we have handicapped our discernment.

Jesus said: The greatest of all the Commandments is to love God first, then others as yourself. This is the first step in discerning the Holy Spirit from false teachings about the Holy Spirit. This first commandment covers a multitude of other commandments, to include the proper discernment when dealing with others.

I struggle to make this point in my video, we must have a balanced understanding of who the Lord is, and how the Holy Spirit functions. If we are ignorant of this proper relationship between men and God, we are at a much greater risk of being deceived by a “silver tongued Devil” which deceives many!

Below I have pasted some verses in helping others understanding with the identifying attributes of the Holy Spirit.

Discerning the Holy Spirit’s attributes Click to Enlarge



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