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Why do Americans vote for pro-Communist Democrats?

This is an opinion piece, I remember back when I was young, people in this country had the right to express their viewpoints openly and without fear of retribution or censorship, no matter how outlandish! This was known as classical liberalism, which was embraced then by Universities and the press. Today you are lucky if you don’t get fired or fined by these same types of people who ran the old Soviet Union, or the “Red” Chinese Government – the charge is now “vaglee disguised” as “Misinformation” on large social media platforms in the United States, and just so you know, when a government does this, that’s called “Disinformation”, or to put it bluntly, a lie! So who gets to decide?

So why do Americans vote for Communist-influenced Democrats or Republicans, do they hate our country’s founding principles? Obama apologizes for America all over the world and bows to our adversaries, he pulls forces out of Iraq only to have it fall, after thousands of Americans laid down their lives for its independence. And he invested in green energy companies which failed, just like the electric automobile is doomed to do in my estimation…

Donald Trump, (although abrasive) is elected as the 45th President, in his promises he attempts to keep securing the border, stopping criminal elements, drugs, and potential terrorists from further eroding our national security. He builds back up American industry, military, jobs, energy, and our independence as a nation, and cannot be bought by outside influences – which have infected our government. He forfeits his pay to charity and does not make corrupt personal gains using his office. Likewise, he leads the world into stability and relative peace, and delivers upon old promises to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel without bloodshed!

He keeps Russia and China in check while fighting terrorism and protecting the sacrifices made by our military. The dollar is stable and booming, and foreign energy is not needed, having our energy reserves full and cheaply because of the low price of oil around the globe thanks to his leadership.

The Democrats hate his America First policies, Nancy Pelosi tares up the State of the Union speech, right behind the President on live Television, as she knows she will face no disciplinary actions.

COVID-19 is released from the Wuhan lab in China and infects the globe with a disease never seen before by humanity. President Trump reacts quickly by making travel restrictions, and tightening our border security to an even greater extent, using a nearly completed border wall that was resisted by the Democratically controlled Congress in its funding!

President Trump mobilizes our industries for the first time since WW2 to produce trial vaccines and life-saving ventilators around the globe in record time to meet the crisis!

Then his rebuilt American economy is put at a destructive, regulated government standstill. Many small businesses are destroyed, and people are put on lockdown from state to state and allowed no social contact, even in the churches. Leftist protest mobs are exempt from these COVID lockdowns, and riot and burn cities and government installations, without the consequence of police and Democratic-appointed Mayors and Governors!

The Democratically controlled Congress then pressures one of the newly appointed FBI directors to make distinctions based on race, in just who is the most dangerous extremist groups in America, reluctantly he interjects that it is white right-leaning activists for the first time in American history, yet exempts most pro-communist supported groups like BLM and ANTIFA.

Trump supporters are also castigated into a role of suspicion as being potential domestic terrorists, then this narrative is reinforced because the January 6th protest turned violent, now being deemed as an insurrection. Even concerned parents who merely support school choice for their children, without the mandatory critical race theory, or the revisionist racist 1619 project being taught in replacing our traditional history of the 1776 founding of our Constitutional Republic are under suspicion by left-wing activists.

Joseph Biden is portrayed as the “President-Elect” by the National press, even despite dubious suspicions of election fraud by about half of the electorate. The White House and the Capitol are surrounded by federal troops, with concertina wire strung along the perimeter for controlled access to the nation’s capital. No investigation is ever allowed for corrupt voting violations from state to state, or even at the local government level, and Joseph Biden is confirmed as the 46th President of the United States. President Trump then leaves office, castigated as some sort of tyrant and revolutionary by the national press. Later, only to be raided by the very law enforcement which should respect unreasonable search and seizure.

The Democrats then completely dismantle any gains for the country under President Trump, they halt already paid-for plans to complete the wall at the southern border, dismantle the effort for the Keystone Pipeline to be completed, yet fund with federal money the Suez-Mediterranean (SUMED) Pipeline in the Middle East in furthering the control of the 7 middle eastern banks, not yet under the control of the world banking network.

Instead of using taxpayer money for America’s needs in completing the Keystone Pipeline, the Global Big Banks want control of the Middle Eastern Oil flow and to control their earnings, using Americans to foot the bill!

Then, President Joseph Biden (like his counterpart before him with Iraq) abandons Afghanistan without restraint or concern for our citizens or operatives in the region. With a non-vetted hoard of potential enemies being allowed in the United States, along with an open border policy on our southern border, allowing deadly drugs, gangs, the none vaccinated sick, and potential terrorists in the country, unchecked by the grossly underfunded and undermanned U.S. border patrol.

The military is required to take CRT theory, support transgender surgery, and watch for any troop that appears to not support these new doctrines down to the squad level to be reprimanded, coupled with mandatory gene therapy vaccinations, or be flagged even prior to discharge!

Just yesterday, I learned that our freedom of speech and expression, plan on being fined financially by platforms like PayPal and perhaps large corporate banks like Chase for promoting “misinformation” on social platforms by Candice Owens in her latest Facebook video.

It seems that conservative thought or even the theoretical is not allowed, especially to challenge the idea of having a free and fair election in 2020. Even as the FBI and the IRS target political opponents of the Democratic Party!

So I ask you again, (unless you have been brainwashed like the nation’s youth) to accept the vile and destructive lifestyle of the Lord’s family structuring; how can anyone vote for Communist Democrats or even RINO Globalist representatives, who would sell out all the personal liberties of the people it is charged with representing?!


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