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Reconciliation and Pride

* I apologize in advance  to innocent viewers for feeling I needed to post this type of article again. Yet to me, it seems necessary to do so; as I will not allow my faith to be continually trampled upon by such neurotic people who follow a man, (who by his teachings) attests to showing a masterful discipleship of the Lord even devoid of sin. I’m not using any names, but I continually am watched by these people on line; so if someone figured out who I’m eluding to, that suits my purpose quite well in publishing such an article again. 

Reconciliation is only possible when both individuals involved are willing to admit error. In religious circles (and I use that word loosely) pride is the biggest obstacle often to overcome, and “spiritual pride” which is actually the “pride of the soul” is most difficult to deal with.  These type individuals believes they are without error; and rather than seeking a greater truth to what they do not see or hear; this type of person will tend to grandstand in building themselves up, often upon the necks of other!

People are often attracted to such an individual simply because they are weak in the attributes of their own faith! I was once one of these, and I can tell you that it is a terrible thing to put so much stock in a man who is also very fickle! It is my opinion, such people are so wounded or hurt by others in their past, that they will not allow themselves the slightest chance of being seen in the wrong; rather they will lash out from in their own sanctimonious shells at others whom they have become annoyed with, in never coming to grips with their own shortfalls.

I know a man who has been in and out of prison, when things don’t work out for him like he had planned, he will lash out and blame those who had tried to come to his assistance! He cannot admit that his own lack of personal discipline and frivolous living has cost him his livelihood, nor even the roof over his own head!   Both men, although seemingly at the opposite sides of the spectrum suffer from the same disorder, namely rejection coupled by pride. Both seek affirmation from others and will go to extreme lengths (in using others) to prop up their own wounded egos, and the truth be damned!

This is very sad, and even tragic as both men claim to be believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, yet without personal conviction by the prodding of the Holy Spirit; (known as grieving the Spirit) there is no hope of them ever seeing wear their primary problem originates. They are much more comfortable in going on the attack to dissect others, than to come to terms with their own fallibility, which requires humility rather than pride. I would not have written this piece this morning except that a “cult follower” of the first individual has once again attacked my spiritual walk with the Lord. Wear as the culprit who started such accusations; has rather decided to insulate himself from me, despite my pleading with him to be reasonable to iron out our differences as to be reconciled in our Lord like we should be.The poor brother even refuses to take the lead in any type of reconciliation with his followers, as he would rather pass judgment on the conflict. As he has convinced himself and others, ( being an intelligent man) that he “sins no more” in his walk with Christ, and that he (only) just has the occasional “glitch in the flesh”! He also has told others that I need to “come back” to the Lord. Additionally, his self fulfilling prophecy was confirmed and put fourth as me “being chastened of God” while suffering an infection to my hearts hardware, which the military had installed 13 years prior.

It has been over a year now since this event, yet the bitter decisiveness remains from a man who cut off our fellowship after 6 years of openness. Yes, he kept his connection with Skype to me open, but he refused to speak with me even in texts messages, and even told me to fellowship with someone who he believed was a only a “Bible based” individual – but did not know the Lord. He expressly said he was done with trying to teach me. I have written this ladder part of the sentence, as I understand he tells his followers that I chose to connect with him, (which I did) but the break off in communications was by him first, and not the other way around, “and then I became angry with him”! I think the really hard thing for me was that I had spoken to the brother from my hospital bed, in not knowing if I would even survive the surgery to my heart! I had entrusted this brother with all my deeply personal concerns in believing he was an “Elder in the Lord”. I really hate to interject this next point about the man I had entrusted and followed, yet it is pertinent in this type of personality flaw… This deeply wounded soul  has  discarded some time ago his own family and even son; as not being worthy of his time, primarily as they are seen as  “but the wicked”. I had been willing to dismiss this bias, as I had not yet come to the painful point of also experiencing such a sanctimonious rejection.

In the end, the reason contrived for my dismissal from this group is that I would discuss world events (politics) too much, which was motivated by the gross wickedness of events in the world surrounding me. This was perceived as “worldly and canal” by the brother, and I was giving into a vice of the flesh, rather than trusting Christ. That part is partially true, yet “my politics” was particularly aggravating because of my support for Donald Trump, along with all Evangelicals who support him – to a couple of Europeans whom secretly despise the man!

To this day, I am painted as (only) functioning in the flesh… As to admit that I am still with the Lord in Spirit and in Truth, would be detrimental  to my accusers, and would detract from the carnal and worldly prison which has been assigned to me. This character persecution was at first private, and then later leaking onto YouTube, and this web-page. I’m often drawling unfavorable reactions and caustic comments (which I normally don’t publish) which are never left by the man who started all this, but rather by his gullible sycophant followers!

Yet I too, would still be deceived, if it where not for  the conviction of the Holy Spirit within me, who opened my eyes to just how deceived I had become; in following such a stringent example of Lordship Salvation doctrines! Brethren, these doctrines have an adverse affect upon a persons whole being, and even if you were to use the Bible to try and point out errors with these “spiritual perceptions”, you would be immediately accused of using “natural understanding” (which can not receive the things of God) rather then to be following the Holy Spirit – “whom only they seem to be able to follow”. Even when one speaks of Bible accreditation’s for holding sound doctrines in having a proper understanding of “moving in the Holy Spirit”; those words are but discarded as being “of the world” in understanding.

So without the conviction of the Holy Spirit himself of such “sin”, there is no hope of ever being reconciled together again in Christ. So, I can only conclude that such actions and reactions are of strong delusions of the flesh, or even the doctrines of demons. Brother and Sisters, we really need to pray for those who are caught up in such a trap; as they are powerless to see their own deceptions which are continually preached week after week; both to others believers and the natural man as well. These people think that they do God a favor with their deceived notion of preaching the truth in love, to an unwitting audience. This is strong delusion, so please pray, and I would be remiss if I don’t pray for them also, despite the personal pain which I was forced to endure.


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No one cares…

No One Cares med

About the Seriousness and truth of the Gospel anymore. They would rather be comfortable in the world, and with its people – as that is what they love more than  actually following Christ! I am addressing the actual brethren here, and not the ones who have never actually met, or had the Lord as Savior and Master. It is quite evident to me nowadays “in this great day of strong delusions”, that brethren are more interested in having their ears tickled in what they wish to hear. The Spirit of Antichrist is alive and well, which resides in, and is preached by systematic theologies (Churches) who’s only concern it is to stay in business.

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness doth already work: only there is one that restraineth now, until he be taken out of the way.     He that restraineth is now gone, and many simply hold onto a Bible-based tradition, which was once taught when the Holy Spirit was still active in saving souls for eternity in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified unto the lost.

Most do not even understand that the workings of God towards salvation is quickly drawing towards a close and that the restraints to sin have come off! Why? Because they do not actually follow Him (spiritually) or else more would understand the season we are in.

It is my experience from posting many a pointed article about actually following Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth that people have no more taste for understanding, what Jesus called the “narrow way”. Oh, many will even go and visit the “eye of the needle” in Jerusalem, and the tour guide will explain that the camel had to remove it’s baggage to enter at night when the main opening was much smaller. Yet they do not care for the truth that they must “be willing” to give up all for Christ, as this might make them uncomfortable in the world and cost them something, maybe just their own status for example.

This is the “broad roaders” greatest fear that their Lord might ask them to sacrifice something within their lives which makes them comfortable (provided that they still have light to see) they still won’t listen and just want to remain comfortable within their delusion while doing social church. Evangelism is important, yet most forget that it is to be the Lord’s leading and it is only God who will bring others to Christ. Yet most have forgotten the God element, as they move independently of the Lord yet base their faith on the Bible .

Will there still be faith upon the earth when Jesus returns the scripture asks? Inferring that faith is almost nonexistent, but for a remnant. Men operate today like  they did when Christ came the first time, in religious’ self-righteousness and pride. They will NOT be made conformed to his image by allowing themselves to be crucified and put to death; and therefore, they have no spiritual  life. Only Bible-based works of independent evangelism, and often soul-ish emotionalism accompanied by false spiritual experiences which are given by the “deceiver of the brethren”, as God has now handed them over for destruction.

The really sad part is, that many were given the “Chance” to become the sons and daughters of God, but have chosen  to rather be cut off and burnt, as in actuality, they were “enemies of the cross” who receive the spirit of Antichrist, because they have walked in religious independence from Him with a non-repentant heart.

Be a Bride of Christ, unspotted from the world, and not a dirty whore, who will be judged. “Come out of her my People”, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. (Revelation 13:4 and Jeremiah 51:45)  My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD.


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