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Forsaking the world


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Labrador Live, Forsaking the world

^ 14, July 2013 on live stream ^

Like in the days of Noah, so shall it be before the return of the son of man…

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July 26, 2013 · 12:08 pm

The only solution, bring God

The absence of God is the issue, and we are to bring Him into every situation.

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June 26, 2013 · 6:44 pm

Barack Obama a Muslim (antichrist) – what he will do

Could Obama be an Egyptian plant, to bring down the Western world, and empower the Muslim world?
This video clip shows that the President may well be. Then he was elected to office by an unknowing public..? To me, concerning the Benghazi tragedy, coupled with giving U.S. tanks and F-16′s to Egypt, speaks for itself.

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April 6, 2013 · 3:24 am

Old Covenant Mouth

A rather nasty little disease….

@ Lightship Ministries : IT IS FINNISHED, Jesus said. Will is it or not? Sorry but it’s too late in history to play anything else brethren.

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April 5, 2013 · 1:53 pm

Does JESUS licence sin then..?

The twisting of one text to allow evil.
JOHN 8 – Woman caught in adultery.

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March 16, 2013 · 3:14 am

No shame – No light

John 9: 4-5 Jesus said:
I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night comes, when no man can work. As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

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March 7, 2013 · 3:13 am

Shepherd Or Hireling?

This message was preached by Chuck Baldwin on Sunday, February 17, 2013 during the service at Liberty Fellowship. To purchase a copy of this sermon or to support the fellowship please visit


The Line In The Sand Is Being Drawn Between Liberty And Tyranny. Your Pastor Cannot Be Neutral, And Neither Can You!
Published on Feb 21, 2013 – Cross Posted Feb 23, 2013

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February 24, 2013 · 4:02 am

Dumb Religious Unity

Christ in us is the be all and end all, On the Cross it was finished, done and dusted, yet religious zealots feel they have to add something to a completed work of Christ, Jesus!

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February 1, 2013 · 3:41 pm

Lightship Chaplain

Some videos I have posted on my real life experiences, concerning following the Lord Jesus Christ in my life. I have been taught of God, as a son of God who learns of the Holy Spirit, not just by being taught Bible academics, doctrines and theology. I have been given some unique opportunities to share Christ with others in different ways, but in the end it is only God who ends up doing the work in the hearts of men, and never bumbling old me!

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January 8, 2013 · 4:13 am

Heresy: ‘Go to heaven when I die’

Not if you are not there now, you won’t.

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December 28, 2012 · 3:37 pm



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December 23, 2012 · 5:01 am

My life in pictures

A real Christian knows and experiences Jesus Christ daily in their lives. They do not wait to see him in death, as then it is too late! (NDE)

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August 13, 2012 · 2:37 am