What I Believe

It is important to recognize the basic tenants of the reformed faith. The reformation (I believe) freedmen from hierecies (Christianised Pagan-worship) forwarded by Constantine. Then with God using Martin Luther to break the back of Rome, along with “Mary worship” and other beliefs which I believe were but a “political retread” injected from Greek Mysterianism; thus helping to restore a Biblical viewpoint more inline with the early brethren written about within the New Testament.

What I believe in my experience: I do believe in a full gospel approach, including works of the Holy Spirit including genuine tongs, miraculous events, healings, dreams, visions, and on rare occasions even the audible voice of the Lord. Most of the “Communion” I have had with the Lord is when I am quiet and listening to his voice within my spirit. In the mornings often before my mind clouds with things to do that day. I may wake up with an understanding about something I have prayed about, often the days prior. Everyday occurrences with perfect timing, or even the joining together of parts with precision, (I had not taken my time on) and I have even seen the provisions of hardware or lost parts (found) which I needed to complete a project. The Bible is written word of God, (the graphy) and is confirmatory to what the disciple possess in Christ.  “I have seen myself move in the things of God, which I later discovered to my surprise were in the Bible, and not just self-fulfilling prophecies fitting to what I had read”. I do believe in the 5 points of ministry callings being given to men, (as women were created as a helpmeet to the man) but I can’t say I have ever met an Apostle. Perhaps this is because an Apostle’s calling is often watered down to what most churches call “missionaries”.

I also am aware of Angels, yet only look on them as messengers: whereas the focus should always be on the Lord. Demons do exist, often counterfeiting what the Lord has undertaken. Even false healings and other types of deceptions are continually counterfeited within the kingdom of darkness. Yet the Light overcomes the darkness, so unless a child of God goes looking for trouble, there is only a minimal chance they will be troubled by demons, unless they are called and tested to such soldiering.

From a Biblical or theological position, the Reformers come the closest in prescribing the most accurate teaching positions, and although I do believe a person can back-slide in their faith and must push forward in their love for the truth, that the might be “ultimately” saved, the type of ground that they are, and fruit that they bear, is all of grace and not of themselves!

In the 60’s you had the Jesus movement, most were into Jesus: but the question is was Jesus in them? I would have to say NO, he was not. It is the same for most systematic theologies who do alter calls, people sign up for Jesus as a type of fire insurance, yet the reason Jesus came was to deliver us from sin, and not just protect your hind parts from the wrath of God. One cannot “sign up” for Jesus, like the staged shows of evangelism. As Jesus said, all that the Father “gives him” will come… The reason is that the work of salvation is not the work of men, but God alone!

1 John 4 commands us to tell if a person is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, or another spirit all together. Of course the only ones capable of doing this, are the ones filled with the Holy Spirit themselves, and not just a person who has been trained in a Seminary, or has learned up Bible in their head. It normally takes some spiritual maturity to tell when false brethren have sneaked in, and that’s why Elders are given to this order, and not just “Biblicists”.

Sometimes it is hard to make this type of call as different maturity levels exist, and since many are taught the right words to say in learning up scriptures. Unless they are blatant or disruptive to the moving of the Holy Spirit within fellowship, I always try to err on the side of grace.

I think it is important to be baptized by full submersion, in symbolizing the resurrection unto new life once an individual has started with the Lord, yet this testimonial is but symbolic of what has happened within the new child of God. Prior to this, we are all born separated in sin to the Lord, and unable to save ourselves as natural-born children of the fallen Adam. For this reason, Jesus is sometimes called the second Adam.

The breaking of the bread, and drinking of the wine, should only be acted upon by actual believers who have been made right by the atonement of Christ on the cross.

I would suggest in keeping your mouth shut to actual spiritual events within your life, as most seem not to experience them to any large degree, and you must know who you should speak to prior to sharing, lest you risk casting your pearls before swine, who will then turn and attack you with it!


 Lightship Ministries ” Vessels of Light for Christ “ 

Rev. Roland T. Dell, Chaplain

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